Well hello there peoples, I am Nik artist and killer of the undead. ( Nick is my name but after working with some amazing chaps from various countries of Africa and their pronunciation of my name, I fancy Nik now)

So I’m totally new to this whole blog thing, yeah I know I’m late; deal.  So I’ve never really followed any blogs other than a few famous ranters and other artists but that aside this is really more of a comic than a blog ( Surprise!)

I curse a lot, poke fun at religion, and have a very twisted sense of humor.  So if this sounds good, please feel free to follow my epicness as it unfolds.  other wise go the fuck away before you are offended (oops too late).

Any hoo, here is a glimpse of a cell from the first page of the comic to come.  Hope ya’ll enjoy.  I hope this intises ya’ll to stay tuned to the work ahead; bare with me and I promise an adventure.

line work cell
line work cell

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