This is a web comic about an unappreciated guy with a fucked up life, oh and he has super powers.

About the Creator:

My name is Nick, I’m from Texas, curse a lot, poke fun at religions, and have a very twisted sense of humor.  So if this sounds good, please feel free to follow my epicness as it unfolds. If you feel that this might insult or offend you in any way please move on.

I am a trained professional in the art of art (wait, what?) I went and spent all my money and sold my soul to the devil to go to art school for game design (Cough..waist of money) and now work for the government not doing art (go figure).

So yeah I do other artsy things from time to time so go look at it…PLEASE!

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© necrostrife productions (Nick Thompson). 1999-2017 All rights reserved.


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