Necrostrife pages…

This comic is finally taking shape; five years later. Here are three pages from the pile of new stuff. Enjoy, and thanks for looking.


Balgoht wurm god.

Balgoht Wurm

Made this guy in ZBrush as a concept for the giant worms that are in the comic.

Did this sketch up to get an Idea of a new pose for the next figure.necrothP


So…. I put Plunger Man on hold for now to focus on this bad boy, hopefully I get more of a following with this beast being that I have way more passion behind it.  Hope you all enjoy it and please feel free to blast the hell out of it 🙂pg1S

Necroth figure

So I’ve been buisy working on this guy for the last couple of weeks. He is available for Pre-sale in my store for 35 plush shipping and tax….SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES